Gold Price in Pakistan 1 Tola

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Today’s 24K Gold Price in Pakistan 1 Tola

As on Thu, 23-Nov-2023, 13:00 PST

Gold Price in Pakistan 1 Tola

1 Tola

10 Gram

1 Gram

PKR 214,900

PKR 184,250

PKR 18,425

The rates provided here are for reference purposes only and may vary in actual bullion markets. For the most accurate gold rates, we recommend visiting your local gold market.

Today’s Different Karat Gold Rates in Pakistan

gold price in pakistan 1 tola

Gold Rates

24 Karat

22 Karat

21 Karat

18 Karat

Gold Per Tola

PKR 214900

PKR 196990

PKR 188038

PKR 161175

Gold 10 Gram

PKR 184250

PKR 168895

PKR 161219

PKR 138188

Gold Per Gram

PKR 18425

PKR 16889

PKR 16122

PKR 13819

Gold Per Ounce

PKR 522340

PKR 478808

PKR 457048

PKR 391755

Today, in Pakistan, the price of gold varies depending on its karat. Whether you’re interested in 24K, 22K, or 18K gold, knowing the rates for different karats is crucial. Each karat represents a specific level of gold purity, with 24K being the purest. Gold rates fluctuate daily, influenced by international market trends, exchange rates, and local demand. Understanding the rates for different karats of gold allows you to make informed decisions when buying jewelry or investing. Keep an eye on the latest prices for the karat that suits your preferences and needs.

24K and 22K Gold Prices in Pakistan Cities

24k gold price in pakistan

24K Rates in Cities

Top Cities


Gold Rate 24K

gold rate in karachi

Gold Rate in Karachi


PKR 214900

gold rate in lahore

Gold Rate in Lahore


PKR 214950

gold rate in islamabad

Gold Rate in Islamabad


PKR 215000

gold rate in quetta

Gold Rate in Quetta


PKR 215100

gold rate in peshawar

Gold Rate in Peshawar


PKR 215050

Gold’s timeless allure makes it a prized asset, and its value varies from city to city in Pakistan. As of today, gold prices fluctuate in different urban centers. Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad may have slightly different rates due to varying supply and demand dynamics. Staying informed about the Gold Price in Pakistan Cities is essential, whether you’re a jewelry connoisseur or an investor. Factors like international market trends, exchange rates, and local demand can influence these prices. For well-informed choices when buying or selling gold, it’s vital to stay updated with the most current gold rates in your locality.

Gold Rates in Pakistan for the month of October 2023

gold price in pakistan 1 tola


GOLD 24K Per Tola

GOLD 22K Per Tola


PKR 213,090

PKR 194,812


PKR 213,200

PKR 194,922


Market Closed

Market Closed


PKR 213,400

PKR 195,104


PKR 213,300

PKR 195,013


PKR 211,600

PKR 193,459


PKR 210,000

PKR 191,996


PKR 213,600

PKR 195,287


PKR 212,800

PKR 194,556


Market Closed

Market Closed


PKR 212,500

PKR 194,282


PKR 215,000

PKR 196,567


PKR 211,600

PKR 193,459


PKR 218,500

PKR 199,767


PKR 210,000

PKR 191,996


PKR 206,400

PKR 188,705


Market Closed

Market Closed


PKR 208,500

PKR 190,624


PKR 211,000

PKR 192,910


PKR 200,900

PKR 183,676


PKR 205,410

PKR 187,792


PKR 199,300

PKR 182,213


PKR 200,000

PKR 182,853


Market Closed

Market Closed


PKR 195,000

PKR 178,282


PKR 192,200

PKR 175,722


PKR 189,000

PKR 172,796


PKR 188,400

PKR 172,248


PKR 198,200

PKR 181,208


PKR 203,600

PKR 186,145


Market Closed

Market Closed

October 2023 brings a fresh perspective to the Gold Rates in Pakistan. As this month unfolds, investors, jewelry enthusiasts, and anyone interested in this precious metal will be keen to follow the market trends. Gold, a symbol of wealth and stability, can experience price fluctuations based on international economic conditions, currency exchange rates, and local demand. Staying updated on Gold Rates in Pakistan for October 2023 is essential for making well-informed decisions, whether you’re considering an investment or simply keeping an eye on the value of this timeless asset. Stay tuned for regular updates throughout the month.

People also ask Questions.

How many grams are equivalent to one Tola?

One Tola is equivalent to 11.664 grams.

How many carats are in a Tola?

It’s worth noting that carats are used to measure the weight of gemstones (Nagina), not gold. Gold is typically measured in grams or ounces.

How many Ratti are in one Masha?

One Masha is equivalent to 8 Ratti.

How frequently does the gold rate change in Pakistan?

The gold rate in Pakistan can fluctuate at any time and may change multiple times within a day.

What factors influence the gold rate in Pakistan?

The gold rate in Pakistan is significantly influenced by fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate and the economic stability or instability of the country.

What is the difference between 24 Karat gold and 22 Karat gold?

Gold in its 24 Karat form represents the highest purity level, containing 99.5% of the precious metal, whereas 22 Karat gold consists of 91.6% gold and 8.4% other metals.

Where is the best place to sell gold in Pakistan?

It is advisable to refrain from selling gold to local jewelers, as they may not offer competitive prices. Instead, consider selling your gold in Pakistan at Sarafa Bazar to wholesalers, who typically provide better rates than local jewelers.

Can I use my gold jewelry as collateral for a loan in Pakistan?

Yes, you can use your gold jewelry as collateral for a loan in Pakistan. Numerous banks and financial institutions provide this service, commonly called a ‘gold-backed loan.’

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